Hole 13 - Les Jersiais

Hole 13 - Les Jersiais

The "Jerseys" were French speaking merchants from the Jersey and Guernesey islands in the English Channel. They arrived in Chéticamp in 1767 where they established their summer fishing counter on the South-west point of the island. The first name of their company was "Philippe Robin et Cie" which is the second oldest company in Canada after the Hudson Bay Company. The Acadians deported in Europe found in these francophone merchants a way to come back to Acadia, their true homeland. Today, the Robin, Jones and Whitman Co. Inc. own the Robin store in Cheticamp.

Advice from the Pro

Par 5, 500 yards, straight away - reachable in two shots, birdie opportunity or should be an easy par for the mid to high handicapper.


The Tee Shot

Fairway bunker at about 230 yards. Center or right center is ideal position.

The Fairway Shot

If the tee shot is in good position, the player can go for it in two. In any case, a short iron to the green should allow the player a birdie opportunity.

The Green Shot

It is imperative to keep the ball below the hole. Anything from above will require a delicate touch.

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