Hole 15 - Warrec

Hole 15 - Warrec

The first Acadians took pleasure in teasing one another. Each family was given a nickname depicting a trait of character, a physical trait, a misadventure, etc. Many of these nicknames tend to disappear while others are quite alive. The Leblanc of Cap-Rouge are still known as the "Warrecs" which supposedly meant "happy-go-lucky" people, "fond of good living", "who liked to tease other people".

Advice from the Pro

Par 3, 198 yards. Uphill, usually into a prevailing wind. Just a tough - power - Par3.


The Tee Shot

Long iron, fairway wood, sometimes a driver is required to get home. Whatever club one pulls out of the bag, it must be struck pure!

The Fairway Shot

Keep in mind that you are hitting into the mountains and usually prevailing winds at this location. A fairway wood or driver would accomplish your task but hit on the money here.

The Green Shot

Again- slopes from left to right and is difficult to read. Be thrilled with a 3 on the score card. Don't be too upset with a 4.

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