Hole 18 - Les 14 Vieux

Hole 18 - Les 14 Vieux

Such a name was given to the 14 founding fathers of Chéticamp. "...Know ye that we,...George the third,...of Great Britain, France and Ireland King...do give and grant unto Pierre Bois, Peter O'Quinn, Joseph Boudroit, Joseph Godet, Paul Chiasson, Bazile Chiasson, Joseph Desveaux, grégoire Maliette, John Chiasson, Lazare White, Raymond Poirier, Anselme O'Quinn, Joseph O'Quinn and Justin Deveaux...all that parcel of land situated...in and contiguous to Chétican or Macclesfield Harbor..." (Registered 27th Sept. 1790. Book C. No. 41. J. Crawley, Ry.) (Chéticamp, Histoire et Traditions acadiennes, Père Anselme Chiasson, Editions des Aboiteaux, Moncton, 1961)

Advice from the Pro

Par 5, 490 yards. Slight dog leg left. There is a pond guarding the left side of the fairway out about 220 yards off the tee. The green is elevated, so getting home in two will require two great shots. It's possible, but not probable.


The Tee Shot

Should be played to center or right center of the fairway. If you can hit it big and carry the pond to the left you will be in better shape to get home in two. High risk shot though.

The Fairway Shot

Anything that gets home in two will have to carry the green. Most players will play the hole conservatively and have a wedge remaining to the green.

The Green Shot

The green is huge and is 2 clubs difference from front to rear; very easily 3 putted, so beware that a birdie opportunity doesn't turn into a bogie.

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