Hole 2 - Le Cap-Rouge

Hole 2 - Le Cap-Rouge

On the green of this fairway, you will have a glimpse of the Cap-Rouge, on the Cabot Trail, where a small community of 35 families lived peacefully for over a hundred years. In 1936, they were expropriated to give way to the Cape Breton Highlands National Park. An old cement wharf falling apart under the waves is the only proof they once lived there.

Advice from the Pro

The #2 hole in the course at Le Portage is a slight dog leg left, 370 yards from the white tees.


The Tee Shot

Should be kept the the left center of the fairway in order to provide the player with an eye to the green.

The Fairway Shot

Depending on the tee shot, most players will be left with a shot of 120-170 yards to the green. Bunkers on the front right and rear left put a premium on accuracy. The safe place to miss this green would be short left.

The Green Shot

The Green again has some subtle undulations and the player must remember that all putts will break towards the mountains.

Click Here to view a Heli Golf Guide aerial video tour of hole 2.