Hole 3 - La Couléche

Hole 3 - La Couléche

The mountain in front of you is called "La Coulèche". The Acadians have names for every mountain and valley, for the best fishing spots whether at the bottom of the Gulf of St-Laurence or the salmon pools in the rivers. "La Coulèche" was known as a good place for wood-cutting and as a pasture for cows and sheep in the summer. After having crossed "Pascal's desert", the "Menoques' Road" in Belle-Marche will lead you to the "Coulèche".

Advice from the Pro

The #3 hole is 400 yards from the whites straight towards the mountains.


The Tee Shot

As you survey your shot from the tee, you will notice the fairway goes downhill to the green. The player must decide whether to lay up to the crest of the fairway or deal with a severe downhill lie.

The Fairway Shot

A lay up shot to the crest would leave the player with 180 yeards to the green. Any ball that goes beyond the crest will present the player with a downhill lie. But a much shorter iron shot the green.

The Green Shot

This hole has a very large green, so your work is not over just because you got the ball on the green. The player could be faced with some very long putts.

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