Hole 5 - Le Moine

Hole 5 - Le Moine

Saint-Joseph-du-Moine is this Acadian village situated a few miles on the south-west side of Chéticamp. A rocky cliff strangely resembling the head of a friar gave it its name. Not too long ago, the south-west part of the village was called "Friar's Head". Being part of Chéticamp until 1879, these two villages are intimately united by the same history, the same kin and the same destiny.

Advice from the Pro

About 140 yards from your tee off, a creek meanders across your path, so be careful of your up swing and choice of club.


The Tee Shot

You have a skilful Par 4, 350 yard drive from the whites. This hole is not long but will usually play into the prevaling wind and is slightly uphill.

The Fairway Shot

After a good drive to the center of the fairway, most would play light with 150 yards or less to the green. Because the hole runs slightly up hill it would be a good idea to take a little more club than you think to get the ball on the putting surface.

The Green Shot

This is not a large green but pay attention to the mountains before stroking your putt.

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