Hole 7 - La Pointe

Hole 7 - La Pointe

As early as 1767, the south-west point of the Island of Chéticamp was inhabited. The "Jerseys" had opened a temporary settlement and finally decided to stay when the Acadians came. They built a wharf, a large and a small shed to store dried cod, a general store and a large house called "the Great Castle". "La Pointe" is still a cozy little haven where a dozen fishermen make their livelihood. The wharf, the sandy beach and a first class camping ground are waiting for you but a few kilometres from Chéticamp.

Advice from the Pro

This Par 4, 380 yards from the whites poses a small level of difficulty since it runs up hill and into the prevaling wind.


The Tee Shot

When preparing your tee-shot, the emphasis should be on distance. Attempt to get your tee-shot out on the fairway as far as possible.

The Fairway Shot

Again, the plater will have to take more club than what it looks like in order to get the ball all the way to the green. A good miss would be to the front-right of the green. Stay away from the two bunkers guarding the left side of the green.

The Green Shot

This is a large green and becuase the second shot will be a mid to long iron, the player will be faced with some long putts. This green is well sheltered so stay in touch with the mountains so as to know how your putts will tend to break.

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