Hole 8 - La Petite Factorerie

Hole 8 - La Petite Factorerie

In 1915, a few Acadian fishermen from Chéticamp, burning with the desire to get a better deal for their catch, decided to found, at "La Pointe", what seems to have been the first fishermen cooperative in North America. Since then, the cooperative spirit and movement fare well in Chéticamp. The cooperative store and the Credit Union are but a few examples of this living spirit.

Advice from the Pro

This Par 5, 485 yard drive from the whites has three ponds, one on the left and two on the right side of the fairway. It poses a level of difficulty where choices must be made before you tee-off. So, good luck!


The Tee Shot

As you survey your long drive, keep in mind the prevaling wind which will be from left to right. So the player will be faced with the decision whether to lay up to the ponds or overshoot them and go for it. Your choice!

The Fairway Shot

If you decide to lay up to the ponds, you will have a fairway wood and a short iron to reach the green. If you go for it off the tee and avoid the ponds, you should be able to get the ball close enough to the green to be left with a short pitch shot and a good change to make birdie.

The Green Shot

This is a fairly small green but if the player manages the ball well from tee to green, there should be an opportunity to make a birdie on this hole.

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